Sun Metro Employees Help Department Earn Safety Award

Sun Metro was awarded the 2009 Gold Award for the Lowest Collision Rate per 100,000 Miles by First Transit for systems in the “Over 50 Peak Buses” category in February 2010.

“It goes without saying that I’m extremely proud of every single Sun Metro employee for attaining this safety distinction,” said Jay Banasiak, Sun Metro director. “Sun Metro’s employees are the reason we accomplished this safety feat; and we’ll keep trying to give them the right tools to continue getting better.”

First Transit recognized three systems in three size categories in its Transit Management Division that have achieved the best accident-safety records relative to their peers.

The prestigious award represents the lowest collisions per mile — regardless of fault — as compared with all large First Transit systems. First Transit is known for and prides itself on being the best in safety.

Banasiak said that Sun Metro knew it had a low collision rate already, which has been confirmed over the past three years by the refund checks the system has received from the department’s insurance company, Littleton Group.

“But now we know where we stand with all the other large First Transit bus systems — No. 1,” Banasiak said.

Sun Metro was one of about 40 evaluated systems. Some of the cities included Hartford, Conn.; Reno, Nev.; Memphis, Tenn.; Springfield, Mass.; Austin, Texas (University of Texas service); Houston, Texas (partial service area); and Denver, Colo. (partial service area) to name a few.

“Your achievement reflects the professionalism, dedication and teamwork of the Sun Metro organization and your commitment to put ‘Safety First!’ in every endeavor,” said Rick Dunning, senior vice-president for First Transit, Transit Management Division, in the award letter.

Banasiak said, “There is always room for improvement but Sun Metro is on its way to becoming a first-class organization, and I believe our employees will help us get there with great success.”