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Sun Metro has implemented four exclusive routes to offer El Paso’s Westside commuters an easy way around the GO 10 traffic.

Commuters can skip back-to-back congestion and take advantage of Sun Metro's award-winning service. These routes create a seamless connection between Westside neighborhoods and the Mesa Brio to get passengers to their final destination.

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Routes 91, 92 & 93 also offer convenient ‘flag down’ service and will allow passengers to come aboard and get off at safe intersections and mid-blocks.

Check out the routes below:

Route 90 – Westside/Eastside Express
This express route features limited stops and free parking for fast travel around the city. A total of four locations are serviced: Westside/Northgate/Eastside Transfer Centers, and Harvest Christian Center.
Route 93 map

Route 91 – Bartlett/Centennial Circulator Flagdown icon
This route offers service between the Westside Transfer Center and the Bartlett/Bishop Flores area.
Route 90 map

Route 92 – Resler/Loma de Cristo Circulator Flagdown icon
This route offers service from the Brio Station located on Mesa & Resler and continues onto the Brisa Del Mar area.
Route 90 map

Route 93 – Thunderbird Circulator Flagdown icon
This route offers service from the Brio Station on Mesa & Balboa and continues onto the Broadmoor area.
Route 90 map

We're also using smaller buses through the neighborhood streets for easier access. Expect to see these buses* driving through your neighborhood.

Image of Arboc busImage of cutaway bus

The standard fares apply. Check out for the latest information on the GO 10 project.

* Note: Excludes buses designated as LIFT vehicles.