ATTENTION: Federal funding used to provide transportation under the Job Express program has come to an end.  As a result, Job Express services will no longer be available as of Sept 1st, 2017.  If you have any questions, please call 212-3004 or 212-3035.

Job Express is an on-demand, shared-ride service:

  1. To/from work
  2. To search for employment
  3. To take the kids to day care in order to go to work
  4. To receive training or school classes in order to find employment
Eligibility criteria:
  • The person must be low income or unemployed
  • The trip must be for purposes related to employment

Important things to remember:

  • The origin and destination must be to a location or at a time when public transportation is not available
  • The eligibility for service is temporary, usually for a period of 6 months or when the person is able to obtain their own transportation

The intent of this service is to help those who are low income or unemployed obtain and keep employment when the obstacle is lack of public transportation. The cost of each trip is free but the cost and service are subject to change as it is currently being subsidized by a federal grant that may cease to exist. The eligibility process is separate from the LIFT service. To find out more about the Job Express program, please call 915.212.3004. You will receive separate instructions related to this program once you have been approved.


Sun Metro Job Express LogoJob Express is a transportation service operated by Sun Metro meant to provide flexible-route and demand-response service.