4/28/2017 4:18 PM
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Sun Metro Alameda, Dyer Brio Construction Update

El Paso, Texas – Construction of the Sun Metro Brio Rapid Transit System continues to move forward along with the Alameda and Dyer corridors.

Construction update and impact on Sun Metro routes:  

  • Construction begins today on Alameda Avenue and George Orr (outbound) affecting existing boarding location as steel reinforcements, sidewalks, and electrical units are being placed.
  • Construction continues on these locations as steel reinforcements, sidewalks, and electrical units are being placed:  
    • Alameda Avenue near Raynor (outbound)
    • Alameda Avenue near Pendell (inbound)
    • Alameda Avenue near East San Antonio Avenue (outbound)
    • Texas Avenue near Ange Street (outbound)
  • The next bus station scheduled for construction will be on:
    • Alameda Avenue near Raynolds (inbound)
    • Alameda Avenue near Copia (inbound) 
Existing boarding location on Alameda Avenue and George Orr (outbound) will be temporary out of service. The existing bus stop by Ascarate Elementary School and Alameda Avenue near C.R. Croom will be utilized.  

Construction will begin on Monday, May 1, 2017, on Campbell (outbound) between Myrtle and Texas. 
The Brio service will offer El Pasoans a high-quality RTS. The service will improve speed and reliability that much larger cities provide through light rail transit systems. Brio has the added advantage of lower implementation cost. Station amenities will feature:
  • Bus shelters (providing wind and sun protection)
  • Installation of a raised platform (providing near-level boarding)
  • Pre-paid automatic ticket vending
  • Benches, leaning rails, bike racks and trash cans
  • Sidewalk improvements to ADA compliance
  • Landscaping and pedestrian lighting
The new service will have various amenities to include: uniquely branded 60-foot articulated buses; a frequency of 10 minutes (peak service) to 15 minutes (off-peak service); have less frequent stops; branded and landscaped stations with improved pedestrian amenities and signal prioritization (lengthen green traffic signals).

Sun Metro’s Alameda Brio service will connect Mission Valley to Central and Downtown El Paso. This $35.5 million dollar project will be approximately 14.5 miles in length. Sun Metro’s Brio Dyer will connect the future Northgate Transfer Center to the Downtown Transfer Center. This $35.9 million dollar project will be approximately 11.4 miles in length.

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Media Contact: Tammy Fonce
Lead Public Affairs Coordinator
(915) 212-1201