WinterFest Express

WinterFest Express

Ride the Sun Metro Winterfest Express slide

Ride the WinterFest Express

Take your family for a joy ride in Sun Metro's WinterFest Express! Best of all, it's FREE!

Runs every weekend from November 23 to January 6
Friday: 6pm – 11pm
Saturday: noon – 11pm
Sunday: noon – 6pm
Trolley pickup every 30 minutes

For more information about WinterFest, visit

Winterfest Express route map


What is the WinterFest Express?
Sun Metro’s WinterFest Express is a ride the whole family can enjoy to get to the holiday festivities Downtown. The moment you board the classic trolley, full with holiday decorations, you will be transported back in time to when it operated years ago.
Where do I catch the WinterFest Express and where can I park my car?
Patrons can board the WinterFest Express at Father Rahm and El Paso Street, every 15 minutes, to be dropped off near the southern end of the WinterFest footprint located at El Paso Street and Overland.
How much is it to ride the Winterfest Express?
The ride is FREE for everyone.
What is the difference between the WinterFest Express and the El Paso Streetcar?
The WinterFest Express is an enclosed classic trolley that operates on rubber tires. The El Paso Streetcar operates on rails.
Which streets will the Winterfest Express be traveling on?
The WinterFest Express travels along Father Rahm, El Paso Street, Overland & Santa Fe Street, with two pickup locations on Father Rahm/El Paso & El Paso/Overland.  
What are the days and hours of operation?
The WinterFest Express runs on weekends from November 23 to January 6. 
Friday: 6pm – 11pm
Saturday: noon – 11pm
Sunday: noon – 6pm

What if I missed the Winterfest Express?
No worries, the WinterFest Express will board every 15 minutes at Father Rahm/El Paso & El Paso/Overland. 
What should I wear (dress/attire) for the WinterFest Express?  
Check the forecast before leaving home and prepare for cold weather as everything is outside. You should dress appropriately especially if you are getting on the ice skating rink. Remember these memories will last a lifetime and the cold may give you a red nose like Rudolph. 
Where can I acquire more information?
For details regarding the WinterFest event, visit