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Veteran Services

Veteran Services

Sun Metro respects and appreciates the service our veterans have given on behalf of our community. As a way of showing our appreciation, we offer several services to help veterans, including discounted fares, free passes, and information on locally available transportation services.

Discounted Fares & Passes

For information on discounted fares, please visit our Fares page. Our passes offer even more savings. Please see our Passes page for more information.

Veteran Pass Program

Sun Metro is partnering with social service agencies to provide free transportation to veterans. Veterans with transit needs can receive up to 90 days of free bus transportation as vetted by appropriate agencies.

Sun Metro is also working with social service agencies to provide bus passes at a reduced fare for veterans, who need transportation options. Bus passes are normally $48 per month. Social services agencies may obtain bus passes for their customers who are veterans at a cost of $30 per month. To participate in the 90-day pass program or to obtain a 30-day discounted rate pass, interested veterans can visit their service agency for an application or call Sun Metro for a list of current participating agencies. Riders will be asked to show their Sun Metro issued Veteran ID and display their pass when boarding any Sun Metro fixed route bus.

For more information on the program, or currently participating agencies, please contact (915) 212-3338 or (915) 212-3340.