Fare Information

Fare Information

0600 bus  Animated gif advertising passes: Day pass – $3.50 all day all around El Paso; Weekly Pass – $12 regular fare, $7 student fare, $2.50 senior/disabled fare


Passengers are asked to use exact change for all Sun Metro fareboxes.

In the event that a passenger enters an amount larger than the fare, the farebox will issue a change card that can be used for future Sun Metro rides. Drivers do not have access to change.

Only under extraordinary circumstances will a change card be reimbursed by Sun Metro accounting personnel.

For reasons of personal safety, an operator is prohibited from making change for the passenger.

Standard/Express Fare $1.50
Active/Retired/Military Dependent (Must show valid military ID)
Student *
Children 6-18 **
Proof of age may be requested
Children 5 & under
Must be accompanied by an adult
Reduced Fares
Seniors 65 and older *** /persons with a disability, Medicare recipients ****
Transfer (policies) FREE
LIFT fares $2.50

ID card pouches $0.55

Full fare (10/pkg) $15.00
Full fare (100/pkg) $150.00
Student fare (10/pkg) *
Student fare (100/pkg) * $100.00

* All passengers requesting student reduced fare, whether under or over 18 years of age, must be prepared to present a valid student ID to receive the discount. No exceptions. Proof of age may be requested.

** While not required, children 6 to 18 are strongly encouraged to have a student or Sun Metro ID as coach operators can ask for proof of age.

*** A Sun Metro photo ID is required. ID's are available at designated locations. Proof of age and a valid official ID are required when applying. Lost cards can be replaced for $5 only at designated locations. Call 212-3333 for additional information.

**** A Medicare Card or physician's certificate of disability is needed for a reduced-fare Sun Metro ID card. These IDs may be obtained at designated locations. Call 212-3333 for more information.