Where do I get a free Sun Metro ID card?

ID cards can be obtained at any one of our ticket offices.


It might be obvious that you are a senior citizen, a person with a disability, or a student, but unfortunately there are a few people out there who pretend to have a disability or try to look older or younger in order to cheat the system.

Sun Metro is implementing a strict policy governing the use of reduced-fare cards in order to limit abuse and provide this important service to passengers who really need it.

Are you a student, senior citizen, Medicare recipient or person with a disability?

Are you taking advantage of Sun Metro’s reduced-fare program? Do you have the correct proof of eligibility?

Sun Metro coach operators are required to strictly enforce our EXISTING reduced-fare-eligibility policy. Don’t get caught without a VALID ID CARD or you will be required to pay the standard fare.

Image stating "You must show ID for reduced fare"How do I get a free Sun Metro ID card?

Fill out the appropriate application. Download one from our forms page or pick one up at the Transit Operations Center (10151 Montana Ave.) or at any Sun Metro ticket office.

Return your completed application, along with proof of ID and any required documents, to any Sun Metro ticket office. Additional required documents are listed below:

  • Seniors citizens age 65 years and older must show proof of residency using a proper picture ID along with completed Application for Reduced Fare.
  • Medicare recipients must show their Medicare card, a proper picture ID, proof of residency and a completed Application for Reduced Fare.
  • Children ages 6 to 18 are not required to have a Sun Metro ID; however, it is strongly recommended children (especially those in high school) obtain a school or Sun Metro ID, as coach operators can ask for proof of age. A Sun Metro ID can be obtained by showing an original or certified copy of your birth certificate and a completed Application for Reduced Fare.
  • Students attending an institution of higher education that doesn’t issue IDs can obtain a Sun Metro ID if enrolled for a minimum of 12 units. You must present proof of enrollment from the school, a valid state ID or driver’s license and a completed Application for Reduced Fare.
  • Home school students must present a notarized letter certifying full-time student enrollment, proof of submitted grades and a completed Application for Reduced Fare.
  • Students with a disability can be issued a temporary Sun Metro Disabled ID card. To do so, teachers/mobility instructors are asked to present a completed and signed Application for Disabled Identification Card for the student(s) along with a letter on school letterhead signed by the school registrar with the student(s) name(s).
  • Persons with a disability (NOT to be confused with Sun Metro LIFT) must show a valid picture ID along with completed Application for Disabled Identification Card.
  • The LIFT (paratransit) is for individuals with a disability who are unable to use the fixed route (traditional routes) and wish to travel in the paratransit vehicles (i.e., the smaller Sun Metro vehicles). To become eligible for the Sun Metro LIFT, passengers must fill out a Sun Metro LIFT eligibility application (call 915.212.3004 or go to our LIFT page for more information).
I have a brown ID card that has not expired. Do I need to replace it? Yes. The card must be replaced immediately. Coach operators will no longer be able to accept these cards as valid. You must turn in your old card to our staff at one of the ticket offices, and we will replace it with a new card for free.

For more information on qualifications for reduced fare, please see How to Apply for Reduced Fare.