How to Use Real-Time Bus Stop Placards

How to Use Real-Time Placards

Bus Stop Placards

Bus stop placardSave time and get the latest bus service information with Sun Metro’s real-time signs. Riders can receive real-time schedule and route data via QR code or text by utilizing signs at bus stop poles and shelters. Here's how to take advantage of this great new tool!

Stop ID

Top portion of bus stop placard showing stop ID numberThe first number on the sign is the Bus Stop ID Number. Each stop has a unique ID which can be used to gather real-time information about that particular bus stop. In this example, the Bus Stop ID Number is 1064.

QR Code

Portion of bus stop placard showing QR codeThe image of the square in the center of the sign is called a QR code. If you have a smartphone (such as an iPhone®, Galaxy®, etc.) and have installed a QR code reader app (available for free in your phone's app store), simply open the app and scan the QR code to instantly view bus information at a particular stop. To see an example, here is a link to the bus information for stop 1064:

Text Messages

Bottom portion of bus stop placard showing text to be sentIf you prefer getting the information via text message, you can send a message to 25370. The message should contain only the following information:

smbus stopID#

Replace the "stopID#" with the number at the top of the sign. In our example, the Bus Stop ID Number is 1064, therefore our text message would look like this:

smbus 1064

Capitalization isn't important, but make sure that "smbus" is all one word. Also, a space between "smbus" and the Bus Stop ID Number is necessary. Here is an example of the text message you can expect to receive on your phone after sending the text to 25370:

Example of text message

This particular stop services several different routes, the next of which are displayed in the text message. Route 63 is scheduled to arrive at 12:26pm, and the "Real Time" column shows that it's running right on time! But the Route 72 appears to be running a minute late, as the "Sch Time" column shows that it's scheduled to arrive at 12:40pm, but the "Real Time" column displays an arrival time of 12:41pm. Perhaps traffic was getting heavy that day. Unfortunately, Route 71 is unable to collect real time data at the time of this text, so the message returns "NA" to tell us the Real Time information is "Not Available". We'll just have to rely on the schedule data, or we can resend "smbus 1064" to 25370, and perhaps the Real Time information for Route 71 will show up.

NOTE: Message and data rates may apply.