Our Trip Planner makes it simple to discover the best way to get around town. Check out some of the features available, then head to the Trip Planner and try them out for yourself!

Find your stop

Select anywhere on the map to find nearby stops

Trip planner map showing nearby stops

Get ahead of the game

Selecting a stop reveals schedule information as well as estimated real-time bus arrival, so you know when the bus is arriving

Trip planning map highlighting real-time information

Pick your route

Selecting the route tab along the right-hand side of the page displays the route on the map, along with stops and a real-time estimate of the bus location.

Trip planning map showing a bus route displayed on the map with an icon depicting the location of the bus along the route.

Attention to detail

Get a list of every stop along a route direction by selecting “Details” beneath the Route name

Next departures screen showing all stop listings for a selected route.

Get your trip plan into gear

In Trip Planning mode select the gear icon to edit time, date, walking distance and more.

Trip planning options screen.

Stay informed

Create an account to receive alerts about your favorite routes and stops

Depicts alerts menu for routes and stops. Open Trip Planner