Fare Information

Standard/Express Fare


Active/Retired/Military Dependent (Must show valid military ID)


Student *


Children 6-18 *
Proof of age may be requested


Children 5 & under
Must be accompanied by an adult


Reduced fares
(Seniors - 65 and older ** /disabled, Medicare recipients ***)


Transfer (policies)


LIFT fares


Routes 4 & 9


ID card pouches


Full-Fare (10/pkg)


Full-Fare (100/pkg)


Student-Fare (10/pkg) *


Student-Fare (100/pkg) *


Monthly, weekly and day passes are available for all our riders.
Information on passes can be found on our Passes page.

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Passengers are asked to use exact change for all Sun Metro fareboxes.

In the event that a passenger enters an amount larger than the fare, the farebox will issue a change card that can be used for future Sun Metro rides. Drivers do not have access to change.

Only under extraordinary circumstances will a change card be reimbursed by Sun Metro accounting personnel.

For reasons of personal safety, an operator is prohibited from making change for the passenger.

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