Illustration of Streetcar traveling across the U.S. from Pennsylvania to El Paso.Track the first Streetcar on it's journey to El Paso on our Youtube channel!

The El Paso Streetcar Project is already rolling toward reality. Construction on the 4.8 mile route is underway at several locations from South El Paso to Downtown to the University of Texas at El Paso campus. Construction includes utility relocation, construction of a new maintenance and storage facility, sidewalk repairs, installation of rail, the placement of 27 stops, the complete reconstruction of some streets, and resurfacing work on other streets.

The Route

The route will run in two loops. The Downtown Loop runs along Santa Fe Street, Franklin Avenue, Kansas Street and Father Rahm Avenue. The Uptown Loop runs along Franklin Avenue, Stanton Street, Baltimore Drive, Glory Road, and Oregon Street. The route will connect the international bridges, retail areas, government buildings, convention center and downtown ballpark with the medical center, University of Texas at El Paso and several historic neighborhoods.

Street Car Route Map link

The Cars

The route will be serviced by Presidents’ Conference Committee (PCC) streetcar vehicles – the same vehicles that ran on El Paso streets until 1974. As part of this project, six vintage El Paso streetcars are being expertly restored for the rigors of daily service. While the cars are decades old, they’ll be outfitted with modern amenities including air conditioning and wifi. Each of the six cars will be painted in one of three original color schemes from the 1950s, 1960s, or 1970s.

Color scheme options for street cars


The El Paso streetcar is an exciting transportation experience with unique safety considerations. Be streetcar safe. STOP. LOOK. LISTEN.

Here’s what you need to know when driving, walking or cycling near the streetcars, tracks and Overhead Contact System (OCS) poles.

  • Streetcars are extremely quiet
  • Streetcars use warning bells and horns
  • There are no fences or barriers that separate you and the streetcar
  • Streetcars cannot move off the tracks to avoid obstacles and cannot make abrupt stops in traffic
  • Streetcars have their own traffic signals that are not intended for motorists
Remember to always follow standard safety procedures whether your driving, cycling or walking, including obeying traffic laws, wearing proper riding gear, and safely crossing at designated locations. Below are more resources to help spread the word about streetcar safety.


Streetcar Safety Brochure (English)
Folleto de Seguridad con el Tranvía (Español)

01 Overhead Contact System (OCS)
02 Bicycle Safety
03 Stanton Street Bikeway Updates
04 Safety During Streetcar Testing
05 Motorist Safety
06 Pedestrian Safety
08 Streetcar and Traffic

Videos (English)
01 Streetcar Overhead Contact System (OCS)
01 Streetcar Overhead Contact System (OCS) (caption)
02 Streetcar Bicycle Safety
02 Streetcar Bicycle Safety (caption)
03 Stanton Street Bikeway Updates
03 Stanton Street Bikeway Updates (caption)
04 Safety During Streetcar Testing
04 Safety During Streetcar Testing (caption)
05 Motorist Streetcar Safety
05 Motorist Streetcar Safety (caption)
06 Pedestrian Streetcar Safety
06 Pedestrian Streetcar Safety (caption)
08 Streetcar in Traffic
08 Streetcar in Traffic (caption)

Videos (Español)
01 Sistema Eléctrica
01 Sistema Eléctrica (subtítulo)
02 Bicicletas y Rieles
02 Bicicletas y Rieles (subtítulo)
03 Ciclovía de la Calle Stanton
03 Ciclovía de la Calle Stanton (subtítulo)
08 El Tranvía en Tráfico
08 El Tranvía en Tráfico (subtítulo)

The Overhead Catenary System (OCS) includes overhead lines which carry 650-volts DC. All lines should always be considered to be energized. Never touch the wires or anything touching the wires.

When riding near the streetcar tracks, it’s important to place yourself at a distance from the tracks to prevent your wheels from dropping into them. When crossing the rails, cross them at a right angle (90˚) to avoid catching your bicycle wheels in the gap.

The Project

Construction of the project is being managed by the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority using Texas Department of Transportation funding and a design provided by the City of El Paso.  Once operational, Sun Metro will operate and maintain the Streetcars and associated facilities.

This complex project is being completed by Paso del Norte Trackworks, a joint venture of Granite Construction and RailWorks. These companies have worked on other similar streetcar projects in cities including New Orleans and Tucson.

For more information on construction impacts, sign up for regular email updates and check out and our YouTube page. You can also reach the project team directly by calling (844) 252-RAIL or via email at

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